The Rev. Dr. Clark


The Rev. Dr. Stephen L. Clark, Pastor

Office Telephone: (401) 737-1230

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Pastor Clark has served Greenwood since December, 1996. Prior to that he served five years as pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Berwick, Pennsylvania, two years as an interim associate at the Presbyterian Church of New Providence, New Jersey, five years as associate pastor of the American Protestant Church of Bonn, Germany, and three years as Director of Christian Education of the Goshen Baptist Church in his hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania. He has also served three years as a volunteer leader with Young Life and two years with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He received the Master of Arts in Religion and the Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania; and the Doctor of Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary May 2007. During his tenure at Greenwood, Dr. Clark has led our church family to new heights of worship and faithfulness, imparting a deep sense of Christian love and ministry to those in his congregation.