Our Staff


The Rev. Dr. Stephen L. Clark, Pastor

Pastor Clark has served Greenwood since December 1996. Prior to that he served five years as pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Berwick, Pennsylvania, two years as an interim associate at the Presbyterian Church of New Providence, New Jersey, five years as…continue reading


John C. Black, Director of Music and Choirs, Organist

John Black leads our dynamic ministry of music, conducting our major ensembles and serving as principal organist. He was recently appointed as Collaborative Pianist with the acclaimed Providence Singers, serving as accompanist and performing in concert when programming includes piano or organ. John also currently serves as organist at Saint…continue reading


Christian J. Black, Music Associate

Christian Black serves as principal accompanist at Greenwood, and regularly provides piano and organ music for our worship services and concerts. She began studying piano at age three and violin at age five. Christian’s aptitude for music and…continue reading


Virginia A. Jacobs, Director of Family Ministries

Ginny has been a member of Greenwood since joining with her family in 1978. She was active in the Youth Group, representing the youth of the Presbytery of Southern New England and attending a meeting of the Synod of the Northeast. She is closely involved in the…continue reading


Stephen L. Clark, Ministry Intern

Stephen Clark serves as Ministry Intern at Greenwood, leading and coordinating our young adult ministries and assisting in worship leadership, pulpit supply, and many other aspects of the life and ministry of this congregation. Steve is a recent graduate of…continue reading

John W. Pickup, Sexton

John Pickup has kept our building in immaculate condition for over 36 years, polishing the floors, maintaining the lawn, removing snow, painting, trimming, doing carpentry repairs and performing many other tasks of building maintenance.  He supervises … continue reading


Carol Castergine, Church Office Administrator

Carol Castergine has over twenty years of professional experience in bookkeeping, administration, and office management. A lifelong resident of Rhode Island, she spent nineteen years working for Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. of Lincoln, Rhode Island….continue reading


Our Session

M. Barry Baxter***

D. Elaine Magyar*

 Michael F. Snyman

Jay S. David

Evelyn H. Murray

Donald B. Sorgel

Joan Eichenfeldt**

Jeffrey S. Plouffe

 Stephen D. Parkinson

Emmy J. Kmet

Joann L. Rudolph

Kristine L. Swanson

*D. Elaine Magyar, Clerk of Session
**Joan Eichenfeldt, Board of Trustees President
***M. Barry Baxter, Treasurer